Capturing family connection in photos

Jul 13, 2018 | Family Photography, Kids photos, Lifestyle Family Photos, Portrait Photographer

Family Photography for me, is all about capturing the love & unique relationships between people. I’m not looking for that perfectly posed photo with everyone looking at the camera…capturing family connection in photos is more important to me.

family connection in photos makes me smile

When my families look at the photos that I take of them, I want them to remember how they felt that day, to feel the emotions that they felt at that moment the photo was taken.

Emotions like….


mother and daughter portrait in the park kildare


family photos tipperary


childs portrait tipperary


mother and daughter photos tipperary


family photoshoot tipperary

family connection

I know family life isn’t perfect and that its not always full of joy and happiness… can be really difficult sometimes….which is why I like to romanticise family life through my work. Because no matter how hard times may get…there are always these precious moments…when family really is wonderful.

Thank you for being here and reading about my love of capturing family love in photos.

Have a great day!

Lorraine x




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