Three must have photos every Mum needs

Jan 21, 2019 | Family Photography, Kids photos, Lifestyle Family Photos

I don’t like to make assumptions, however, that being said, I’m fairly sure in saying that the Mother of the family tends to be the photographer. She is the one that is documenting the kids lives, from taking quick snaps on her phone of day to day moments to capturing the bigger milestones like first steps, birthdays and more. So if what I’m saying above is generally true, it usually means that you, the mother, are not in very many photos, if any at all! That’s why it is really important that you get into some of these photos so that you are documented too. So here are three photos every mum needs.

first | Mum together with her family

Yes, you need to get into the photos! I’m not a fan of getting in front of the camera myself, so I feel for you, I really do. It doesn’t need to be uncomfortable or embarrassing. I guide and direct you through the entire session. I promise you it is fun and you will love the final result of having these memories captured and sealed in time.

second | Mum with each child

A simple portrait of you with each of your children is priceless. Capturing the unique bond that you have with each of them, remembering how it feels to laugh out loud at something silly, how it feels to hold them in your arms, how it felt to have their little arms wrapped around you, them knowing how protected and safe they were.

third | Mum alone

Yes, I mean it, you and you alone, in front of the camera. While you may never want to look at these photos, your kids and their kids will be absolutely thrilled and so grateful to have photos of you when they were growing up. Memories can fade, so what a gift for them to be able to look back and see what their Mum looked liked when they were kids. They will treasure it.

photos every Mum needs (and Dads too!)

While this blog post has been all about the Mam’s out there, I know that the Dad’s are doing this for their families too. I always take a portrait of the Dad with each child during my family photo sessions too; and these photos are just as precious.

father and son photo session celbridge kildare

Have a great day & thanks for reading!

Lorraine x




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