Family Photoshoot – How it works

Jan 7, 2019 | Family Photography, Kids photos, Lifestyle Family Photos

Searching for and booking a photographer that you like and trust to take your family photoshoot can be hard to do, so I thought I’d pop on here to tell you a little bit more about what to expect from your family photo session with me and how it works. I hope this will answer some questions that you may have.

dad and daughter family photos in templemore park tipperary


One thing to note, is that I am not a studio photographer. I’m not looking to get everyone perfectly posed and looking at the camera. There are many wonderful photographers out there who do this beautifully…..I’m just not one of them! My style of family photography is all about capturing the shared moments, the families special connection and their love for one another.


We meet at a pre-arranged time and location where I will guide and direct you through the entire process. You just need to show up to your family photo session, prepared to have fun and let me take care of the rest. While I can’t ever guarantee any photos, I aim to take a variety of images that will tell a story of the fun family outing that you had. There will be lots of snuggling together, family hugs and closeness. I take photos of the family all together, individual portraits of the children, photos of the kids with Mum, then with Dad, some photos of Mum & Dad alone and all of the little in between moments.

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Most of my family sessions take place outdoors in park, beach, woodland, and mountain locations in places like Kildare, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Dublin and Wicklow. We will decide on a suitable location together, taking into account where you and your family live. I photograph during golden hour…..if you are morning people, then this would be just after sunrise…..if you are best suited to evening time, then this would be the hour before the sun sets. The reason I pick this time, is all about the quality of the light. The sun is lower in the sky at these times which makes it really soft and flattering. It means no harsh shadows, dark circles under eyes or squinting!


My style of photography is all about capturing the connection and love between family. There is no need to worry about the kids behaviour or checking if they are smiling for the camera; leave all of that to me, while you relax and enjoy the time with your family. There will be plenty of time for breaks and playtime for the kids to run around during the session. With my guidance and direction, we will create natural, relaxed and beautiful photos of you and your family.

how to prepare for family photos tipperary

If you have any questions, please get in touch below or leave a comment.

Thanks for reading about your family photoshoot – how it works…..have a great day!

Lorraine x




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